One Wave Merch

Creator Merchandising Solution

One Wave Merch is a full merchandising solution that partners with creators to launch and grow their brands.

We are committed to

Watch your sales grow as we optimize your brand’s performance. You get a notification every time there is an order and we provide insights along the way.

We care about

At One Wave we pride ourselves on building high quality brands. We partner with the best manufacturers to create great quality products your fans will be excited to wear.

Work with our

Work with our designers to create and produce the perfect merchandise collection.

We have Years of
Ecommerce Expertise

Our development team can get your online store up and running and bring your creative ideas to life. We will work with you to set up features like Instagram product tagging and Google Shopping to take your merch to the next level.

One Wave is a trusted Shopify Partner.

Some of our brands

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